Jon Laffer

Managing Director

Jon Laffer has over 25 years of experience in the offshore and onshore oil and gas industries including management and technical roles.

Jon is a co-founder of Momentum and has been integrally involved in the establishment and ongoing management of all of Momentum’s client relationships.

Jon’s experience and commitment supports the efficient and effective achievement of the goals of both Momentum and our clients.

Chris Clayton

Business Development Manager

With over 20 years working in the Oil and Gas Industry in both Operator and Engineering Design Office roles, Chris has experienced the challenges of executing brownfields and greenfields projects on a wide range of onshore and offshore facilities across Australia and in SE Asia.

As the Project Delivery Manager for Momentum Engineering for eight years, Chris managed a number of major and minor projects, coordinated the engineering and design teams while also supporting business development and building strong relationships with our Clients.

In the Business Development Manager role Chris will be working closely with our valued Clients to understand the challenges they face and how we can apply the Momentum Way to help solve them.

Chris has a passion for innovation and challenging the conventional approach to delivering projects, and will also be looking outward to how Momentum Engineering can adopt and introduce new innovative technology and different approaches to challenge the norms and offer a greater service to the industry.