Gas Pipeline Transmission and Compression Projects

Supporting projects to efficiently and reliably transport oil and gas across Australia is something we’ve got a long and successful track record in.

Gas Compression Stations

We have extensive experience in gas compression, with involvement in nearly 20 projects over the past ten years. Projects have included both brownfields station upgrades and greenfields installations. Applications have commonly included installation of gas turbine driven centrifugal compressors, pipeline gas filtration and cooling, power generation, instrument air and fuel gas systems, control rooms, accommodation and workshops.

Pipelines and Flowlines

We have designed a number of onshore gas pipelines and associated facilities including metering, pressure reduction, heating, filtration and wellhead manifolds for multiple flow line facilities.

From simple stand alone equipment to full scale production facilities, we’ve provided engineering services for linepipe selection; route reviews; risk assessments; piping class development; piping and valve specification and selection; pipe stressing; and piping layout development and review.

For brownfields work, we’ve used the most appropriate site survey measurement methods depending on the application - from conventional techniques to three- dimensional point-cloud data collection.

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