Engineering a greener future

Momentum Engineering is committed to a greener future and we are actively looking to support projects involving the generation of hydrogen via renewable sources, and also the integration of Battery Energy Storage solutions on existing and new facilities. 

With our years of experience in the integration of vendor packages in onshore and offshore facilities, we can bring our comprehensive understanding of brownfields and greenfields design to this emerging industry for new and existing Clients.

We provided feasibility and concept/select services for the development of the proposed $350M Arrowsmith Hydrogen Plant for Infinite Blue Energy, now moving into FEED phase. 

Our team also provided multi-discipline engineering and design services to support the integration of a 1MW Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) on the Woodside operated Goodwyn A Platform, a world first application of battery storage technology on an offshore hydrocarbon facility. 

We are now working on a FEED phase for a 10MW hydrogen generation plant development proposed in south east Australia, with the initial phase to decarbonise gas supply by blending renewable hydrogen into the nearby natural gas network.

If you are looking to develop new facilities, or develop renewable solutions for power generation on your existing facilities, then give us a call to discuss.