Greenfields Onshore, Brownfields Onshore Projects

For over 10 years we’ve been applying our range of engineering services in greenfield and brownfield onshore facilities to help our clients skilfully handle their energy resources for optimal return.

Onshore Gas Processing

We’ve helped create and support facilities from 10 to 150 TJ/day, including gas treatment and compression, condensate stabilisation and export, power generation and utilities.

Onshore LNG Facilities

We’ve supported a number of LNG projects and operational facilities. This included a concept layout study for a complete LNG plant, jetty and offloading facility, through to providing solutions to cryogenic line vibrations and design of new piping and structures to facilitate jetty refurbishment works.

Gas and Liquid Storage Facilities

We’ve undertaken a number of bulk liquids storage and unloading\loading projects. These projects have been for both aviation fuel and heavy fuel oil facilities. The facilities have included truck and rail loading and unloading, export pipeline facilities, bulk storage, fuel quality control systems, power generation and support utilities.

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