isoPlan™ - and the model for information sharing it represents - is a game changer for industry

A common term these days is “data is the new oil”. Advances in technology and data transfer are opening up opportunities that until recently were not dreamed possible.

Whether you work in Consulting or Operations, whatever the scope and whatever the facility, it is always critical for safe and successful project delivery, to get access to data, ensure it is accurate, and be able to update it efficiently and effectively.

Our industry is continually improving data management, but the data flow can still often be a very manual process...transferring from system to system, from the Operator to the Engineering Contractor and then back to the Operator, then to the Implementation Contractor, and finally back to Operations for Commissioning and Handover.

Different Operators do it differently, but in all cases there will be situations that information silos will form, and the information then gets trapped in them; consequently, it gets much more difficult for the Operations team to efficiently run their facilities. This represents a serious Health and Safety, Production and Integrity risk, not to mention the time wasted on site looking for the right data.

At Momentum Engineering, working with our partners iSOL8, Mineral Blue and Sentient Computing, we have developed a process to unlock these silos!

It starts with a few questions. Wouldn’t you love to:

  • Use information currently locked in engineering drawings to drive operations in the field?

  • Extend your drawings to produce fully operational isolation plans?

  • Create visual animations of tasks in the virtual world, to use for training your teams before they head out to site?

  • See in real time the work that is happening on the facility at any given time and be able to measure against progress inside a 4D model?

Our isoPlan™ system answers all of the above questions with an eloquent and impressive solution. A solution that will provide substantial improvements in safety, and significant cost savings in time and materials.

isoPlan™ is adaptable and nimble, as it ‘stitches' your existing systems together, so data can flow smoothly to all areas where its use can benefit the business.

Are you wanting to embrace the future now, and seize the opportunities that this technology provides? If you are, then we would love to hear from you; as we are looking for a visionary business to be a lead test site.

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