Young Engineers Summit

24 Apr 2018 11:19 AM -

The Young Engineers Summit hosted by Engineers Australia was a successfully challenging opportunity for up and coming engineers in the industry to come together and collaborate in a problem solving environment. The cohort of approximately 70 enthusiastic engineers were faced with determining real world solutions to real world problems. The issues involved gyroscopic camera stability for aerial photos, artificially causing neuron impulses to increase concentration and awareness, and the future of valve and equipment manufacturing in the world of 3D printing with metals. Each topic presented a unique issue with a range of constraints that the presenting companies had run into during their development cycles.

The Young Engineers Summit was followed closely by a presentation from aspiring Martian, Josh Richards and his journey from physicist, to royal engineer, to british commando, to artist, to comedy koala and how he ended up volunteering for a one-way expedition to begin the colonisation of Mars.

And congratulations to our very own Mark Keenan, who was awarded an Engineering Fellowship with Engineers Australia during the event.

Photo (left to right): Krizsa Atienza, Nic Lawrence, Jeff Snelgar, Bailey Sones and James Pitt