The Momentum Way

We pride ourselves on being open and easy to deal with. That doesn’t happen by accident and requires constant care and attention. It’s important though, because it frees us up to help you achieve skilful energy resource handling so you can continually improve your returns.


Transparency is difficult to maintain unless you believe that your clients interests are fundamentally in line with your interests. Doing the right thing by our clients is central to who we are so, luckily for us, staying open in how we deal with our clients is straightforward. 

Easy to deal with

Staying easy to deal with and client-friendly also isn’t easy, especially as you get bigger.  We’ve had to encourage and keep an eye on our systems and behaviour so we stay flexible, lean and effective. An example of this is how we’re rigorously proactive in developing ongoing relationships with our clients. That includes regularly questioning and collaborating to optimise returns on assets. 

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